Juan Pablo Drops Major Bombshell About Marrying Nikki

nikki ferrell juan pabloI know Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell are in serious love because we just cannot deny the chemistry in their lovey dovey photos anymore. This is real. This is love. This is The Bachelor gone right! But despite all the smooches and deep staring into each other's eyes stuff, they are not yet engaged. Eh. It's never concerned me. You don't need a ring to say I love you. You don't need an exact date to show you are serious. Still, we LOVE these kinds of details and it seems that Juan Pablo might have made some moves towards walking down the altar.

For a guy who sort of stays quiet on the topic on getting married, Juan dropped a major hint regarding his wedding to Nikki.


When asked by a fan on Twitter "if you could get married (your choice) anywhere, where would it be?!" Instead of shrugging off the question or giving multiple answers or saying something vague, JP went for it and answered point blank: "In VENEZUELA."

BOOM! All caps. Must mean serious stuff, don't you think? Okay, okay maybe I'm moving too fast here, but I can't help but feel that because Mr. Vague himself had a definite answer that makes me think he has totally thought about it and talked it over with Nikki.

Nikki would make such a gorgeous bride in VENEZUELA!

A destination wedding is awesome. And it would be just like these two jet setters to head back to Juan's home turf for his I dos. I can just FEEL the engagement coming!

What do you think? Wedding in Venezuela? Is the official engagement coming soon?

Image via Juan Pablo Galavis/Instagram

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