Mackenzie Douthit's Complaints About Her Husband Aren't a Good Sign

Mackenzie Douthit Josh McKee

Sheesh. Most of the time they seem like they're pretty happy together, but it sure seems like the reality of marriage is hitting Mackenzie Douthit and Josh McKee smack dab in the face.

A few weeks ago, she was all bent out of shape because of his incessant snoring. Now she's complaining about her beloved hubby again -- on Twitter, of all places.

Check out what Mackenzie posted about Josh earlier today. It sure sounds like her weekend isn't exactly off to a winning start.


Yep. Josh is a major grumpy pants before he has his coffee. (Or whatever his beverage of choice happens to be.)

And while most women will admit that it's not all sunshine and roses with their husbands -- it might not be the best idea for Mackenzie to keep complaining about Josh via social media.

I mean, all of us bitch and moan to our girlfriends about our spouses all the time -- but there's the chance that talking about her issues with him in public might wind up hurting his feelings.

Think about it for a second. Wouldn't your husband be a little pissed if you griped about him online? I know Mackenzie was just blowing off steam in a moment of frustration, but you gotta feel kind of bad for the poor dude.

Then again, if he'd change his tune upon rising and wake up with a big old grin on his face, Mackenzie wouldn't feel the need to call him out. I guess the whole thing could be seen as his fault.

Yeah. Let's go with that for now. Cheer up already, Josh! (Gah.)

Do you ever complain about your husband online?


Image via mackenzietaymckee/Instagram

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