Catelynn Lowell's Pregnancy Announcement Could Be Coming Any Day Now

Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Rumors have been flying for weeks that Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are pregnant. Even though we've supposedly seen Catelynn's leaked sonogram and they've been fueling rumors with some very suspicious Instagram hashtags, we have not heard any confirmation. But it all may be for a very good reason.

Turns out that the announcement might be coming any day now.


Reports came out that Catelynn was four weeks pregnant around May 12. So as of now, she should be right around the 10-week mark. And since most pregnant women don't announce that they're expecting until they've reached the 12-week point (that's when the chances of miscarrying are greatly lessened), that means we can expect to hear the official declaration in just a couple of weeks!

Eek! How exciting?! We've followed the couple ever since 16 and Pregnant and have seen all their struggles on Teen Mom, so clearly we'll be over the moon to hear about when they're expecting.

Tell us soon, please!

When did you announce you were expecting?


Image via catelynnmtv/Instagram

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