'The Challenge: Free Agents' Finale Recap: Who Walked Away With Top Prize?

the challenge free agents finaleAfter a season full of feuds, broken friendships, and shocking eliminations, The Challenge: Free Agents came to a fitting but grueling end. Zach, Devyn, Laurel, Bananas, Nany, and Johnny all embarked on a kayaking journey at the end of the last episode, only to face some even tougher competitions before the race was over.

While Bananas and Laurel easily glided through the water, Johnny and Nany slowly and riskily rowed their way across. Devyn and Zach, on the other hand? Well, they took quite a tumble after knocking over their entire boat.


Luckily, as Zach swam through the river and Devyn was helped by divers, they both ultimately finished the leg but sadly in last place. Bananas and Laurel swiftly made it in first, followed by the second duo.

Next, TJ announced the brain game. Each partner group (they all shuffled into different couples) would have to stack 14 wooden rings in the order the cities are located, from north to south. And all in 30 minutes. Unsurprisingly, the cast was a little dumbfounded at the puzzle and all struggled to complete it in the time limit.

Fortunately, the next leg was once again physical. In the final rotation of couples, they would race up a narrow trail, staggered in 15-minute segments. Decked out in harnesses and carabiners (you know that's never a good sign), they once again set out on a race. But then Nany ran into a spider, Zach started cramping, and everything blew up.

When they all finally reached camp for the evening, TJ wasn't done. The game was now individual, but they all had to bike for 25 miles before they could get food. Thanks, Teej!

Zach fought through cramps and Devyn battled fatigue, but ultimately everyone finished for the evening. Yet the next morning, the biggest and baddest challenge began: they had to scale a wintry and snowy volcano first. No big deal.

Ultimately, after each challenger completed the volcano, TJ had to count up all the times. No surprise, Devyn and Zach both finished third and won $15,000, Nany and Johnny finished second and won $35,000. So, of course, Bananas and Laurel walked away with the top prize and $125,000 each. And Bananas? He made Challenge history: This was his fifth win.

Was it a shocker? Never. Bananas and Laurel have dominated the season since day one. If CT and Cara Maria were still there at the end, it might have been a different story. But watching Zach completely fall apart and Devyn collapse (give Nany credit, she only lost by nine minutes and Johnny gave a good fight), they were really the only possible winners going into the final. Congratulations to them. It's definitely not the last time we'll see these two.

Were you surprised by the winners?


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