Adam Lind Accuses Chelsea Houska of Lying to Fans About Aubree

Adam Lind Aubree

Good grief! As if he hasn't already caused her enough tears and drama in the past, Adam Lind is bashing Chelsea Houska once again. This time, he stooped to a new low as far as hitting her where it really hurts goes.

Remember how Chelsea had her daughter Aubree's last name changed to Houska? Yeah, well, Adam is apparently hell bent and determined to prove that her name still reads "Lind," which is why he posted a picture of his child support papers to Instagram.


Adam Lind child support papers

He captioned this shot with, "For everyone that says my daughters last name is houska .... ya no its still lind more proof of how fake the show is .... they Suck in all u idiots who feed off drama to believe everything that's on tv."

(Gee. Tell us how you really feel, dude.)

And while him throwing Chelsea under the bus isn't a huge shocker -- can you believe he also went and called Teen Mom 2 fake?!? Even though we know a little creative editing comes into play for the sake of making the show more entertaining, they wouldn't go so far as to monkey with a child's name, would they? (Wait. Don't answer that.)

Sigh. Even though she's making every effort to get on with her life, poor Chelsea just can't seem to escape the constant drama Adam can't resist creating.

Unfortunately he'll probably never be totally out of the picture since he is Aubree's dad. But hopefully at some point he'll grow up and realize having an amicable relationship with Chelsea is best for all parties involved.

Do you think Adam's claims are true?


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