Jenelle Evans' Pre-Baby Plans Sound Absolutely Exhausting

Jenelle Evans

OMG. Please tell me I'm not the only one who wakes up every day and immediately checks to see whether or not Jenelle Evans has given birth to baby Kaiser yet! Her due date is June 29, so she should be going into labor at any given time now.

But even though she only has a few days (or hours!) left until she becomes a mom again, Jenelle isn't sitting around wasting time. Wait until you hear what she managed to accomplish today even though she's as pregnant as pregnant women get.


Yep. She probably could've gotten some sort of extension on finals, given her condition -- but Jenelle is determined to finish school before her new baby arrives.

Um, if this isn't enough to shut up her haters once and for all, I really don't know what is. What other moms-to-be do you know who focus on their education in the days leading up to their child's birth? Hell, all I cared about right before I had my son was soaking up every ounce of couch time I possibly could. It speaks volumes about Jenelle's transformation over the past year that she's making school her number one priority. But damn ... she has to be pretty worn out right about now!

I'm sure once she gets today over and done with, she'll be more than ready to get the show on the road as far as bringing Kaiser into the world goes. Hopefully he won't wait too much longer before finally making his highly anticipated entrance!

What did you do in the days leading up to giving birth?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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