Nikki Ferrell & Juan Pablo Share Their Sexiest Photo Yet

nikki ferrell juan pabloAs if we needed any more proof about whether or not Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo are in love, they have done and the unthinkable. They have one-upped this ridiculously adorable sunglasses selfie they took. Aren't they impossibly beautiful people? They clearly want us to know this is the real deal. They want all the haters to shut the front door once and for all. To ensure that is to take MORE lovey dovey photos and make sure they are posted all over the Internets so the world can see just HOW MUCH they LOVE each other.

Adoring Instagram photos are totally the new engagement ring. And so, I present to you the latest and perhaps greatest Nikki and Juan Pablo love photo of all time (to date). It's so hot! Look!


Nikki captioned the photo: "Don't mind us, we're just off in our own world here. Te extraño mucho #myheart."

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The hearts! There is so much love there are heart bubbles all around them as if they have magically appeared from a rainbow of love, as if a unicorn has just trotted by and blessed this union. This, this right here, is the look of love. Game over. They cannot outdo this gem. It's a framer. If they break up now, I'm going to be really upset.

What do you think of the latest love photo of Nikki and Juan Pablo?


Image via Nikki Ferrell/Instagram

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