'Million Dollar Listing Miami' Series Premiere Recap: A Girl Joins the Mix & It's Awesome

million dollar listing miami series premiere Did you catch the premiere of Bravo's new show, Million Dollar Listing Miami? If you didn't, make sure to find a repeat because this noise is fresh. The three brokers, Chad Carroll (but seriously why is every broker named Chad?), Chris Leavitt, and Samantha DeBianchi are just as intense as you'd expect luxury brokers to be -- but they seem to be having more fun than anyone else in the game. Plus, how refreshing is it to FINALLY see a girl get into the mix? So refreshing.

While Chad and Chris (CHRIS! So funny!) are total characters and definitely make for compelling TV, Samantha is the one to watch -- especially when it comes to how she interacts with Chad in particular. Unlike the other brokers, she's a relative beginner! Watching her bungle a listing interview, make crazy promises, and still try to fit in smooching time with her boyfriend? All of it is a pure treat. Sister is working hard for them benjamins! 


This is only the latest incarnation in the Million Dollar Listing franchise, but so far, it might be my favorite. Why did it take so long for a lady to be featured as more than a supporting character? Sam is just as hungry as any of the dudes -- and maybe even more so. She is, after all, running her own business and starting it from scratch. I get the sense we will see her mess up as much as she succeeds. 

Samantha and Chad have already bickered like little children, with adorable Chris and his eyelashes acting as a referee. Chad says he just wants to help Sam by busting her chops and being really hard on her. But doing it the way he did at her brokers' open in front of her client? That was kind of like pants-ing someone while they were standing in front of the boss. You're just doing it to get a reaction. Get a reaction it did, and I can't wait to see how their relationship develops -- or totally unravels.

Who is your favorite new broker on the show?


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