'Downton Abbey' Season 5 Trailer Reveals Major Changes for the Crawleys (VIDEO)

downton abbeyThere is one thing us Downton Abbey fans can be sure of: things are changing in a major way for the Crawley clan and their dedicated army of staffers. If you are doubtful, the ominous new trailer certainly confirms that. Take a look.


That change, however, comes with a measure of sadness for viewers. There is something so charming about the way the Crawleys have lived their lives for so long. So demure, so proper, so incredibly antiquated (but in a fascinating way). We saw the first cracks in that way of life last season when they introduced the show's first black character - -a jazz singer who romances one of the relatives. Oh, the scandal! You have to hand it to the writers, they certainly evolve the plot with the times. And they aren't afraid to kill off a beloved character. We were in tears as Lady Sybil and cousin Matthew both died so suddenly and tragically.

Sounds a bit foreboding, don't you think? What could Mr. Carter have been alluding too? The Abbey has had it's fair share of financial problems and personal tragedy. What could be next? I would guess a serious love interest for Lady Mary and more intrigue among the maids and butlers is guaranteed.

What do you hope will happen next season?

Image via PBS

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