Kailyn Lowry’s Controversial Comments About Breastfeeding Make Perfect Sense

kail lowry teen momEver since she gave birth to her second son, LincolnKailyn Lowry has been determined to share her breastfeeding story with her fans. Whether she's posting some seemingly controversial pictures while she feeding her son, or fighting the good fight on behalf of all nursing moms, she's on a mission to bring awareness to breastfeeding.

"It’s very important to me and I think a lot of people are a little uneducated about it," the Teen Mom 2 star told The Stir in an exclusive interview. "I certainly was when I had Isaac, so I want to spread the word and explain to girls that there’s more to breastfeeding that I think people really know or understand."


But the woman's not stopping there. She's obviously endured her fair share of flack and backlash for posting her breastfeeding photos (seriously, some fans were really not happy with the snapshots), but she's intent on continuing to share the message. If you're looking for an apology, you won't find one here.

Like I’ve said to many people, if my baby’s hungry then I’m going to feed my baby whether other people like it or not. So at the end of the day, the negative comments don’t really matter.

YOU GO GIRLFRIEND! She's definitely not backing down. And for good reason. The plan is simple: do what you need to do to be a good mom. Forget what everyone else has to say. The easygoing attitude is best -- carry on with what is best for the baby and ignore the rest.

After all, "that’s what women were made to do," she adds. "Breasts were made to feed our babies, so I don’t see why it’s controversial."

Unfortunately, breastfeeding continues to be a highly talked about issue. And breastfeeding in public? Good luck trying to get everyone to agree to it. But for Kailyn, and for all other moms, the best plan is just to carry on with the goal. Pay no mind to the judgy stares or the snarky comments. Baby has to eat, right?

Do you agree with Kailyn's comments on breastfeeding?



Image via kaillowry/Instagram

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