Mackenzie Douthit Could Be Putting Her Marriage at Risk

Mackenzie Douthit Josh McKee

Let's be honest -- there's really no better feeling for a mom than when someone tells you you're still hot despite having kiddos, which is why we really shouldn't be all that surprised that Mackenzie Douthit is pretty darn proud of her bangin' body these days.

She works out like crazy, eats right, and looks so stinkin' awesome in a bikini, we'd all give just about anything to trade places with her.

And she definitely has a decent level of self confidence going on, based on a tweet she posted yesterday -- reminding us just how hot she really is.


Yep. Someone called her a MILF -- and she's really, really happy about it, to say the least.

But even though we can't blame her for tooting her own horn since plenty of moms view the term MILF as a huge compliment -- we have to wonder what her husband, Josh McKee, thinks of some other dude basically admitting he wants to get it on with Mackenzie. (That's assuming a man said this to her, of course.)

While there is a chance that he could realize even more just how lucky he is to have a hot wife, Josh could also potentially be very jealous of the fact that other men are hitting on his woman. I mean, if your husband found out some other guy called you a MILF, would he be happy about it?

As great as it is to receive compliments about one's appearance, Mackenzie might want to refrain from mentioning them going forward so Josh doesn't get all bent out of shape. Something tells me he's already fully aware of just how attractive Mackenzie is, so he really doesn't need another reminder that everyone else notices her good looks too.

Has anyone ever called you a MILF? Were you flattered by it?


Image via mackenzietaymckee/Instagram

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