Jenelle Evans Shouldn't Be Getting a Tattoo While Pregnant

Jenelle Evans

While most moms-to-be are busy making sure their hospital bag is packed and getting the nursery ready right before giving birth, Jenelle Evans has something non-baby related on her brain -- and it comes in the form of a brand spanking new tattoo.

(I know, I know -- doesn't she have enough already?!?)

And as you can only imagine, her Twitter followers are pretty darn horrified, you know -- because getting inked up with a baby on the way probably isn't the best idea.


But we can all rest assured that Jenelle has no intention of putting baby Kaiser in harm's way, based on her response to the criticism.

Whew. Good thing she cleared that one up.

But I'm sure you're curious as to what prompted this whole thing. Well, apparently her ex, Gary, thinks Jenelle needs to start seeing his tat dude as opposed to hers -- and she begs to differ. Check out their less than friendly Twitter exchange.

Gah. Guess there is still some negativity between them?

But regardless of what was said, at least Jenelle has enough good sense to forgo getting any new ink until after her baby's arrival. You never know what could get into her bloodstream, so she's smart to play it safe no matter how badly she wants another tattoo.

Would you ever dream of getting a tattoo during pregnancy?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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