'Walking Dead' Season 5 Spoilers: First 5 Episodes & New Death Revealed

Walking Dead season 5 spoilersWho's interested in the very latest Walking Dead season 5 gossip? Sure, you could wait until October and find out firsthand where the story's going to go, but that's not nearly as fun as wallowing in half-assed speculation, right?

If you want to avoid any and all potential spoilers, here's your click-away-now-to-save-yourself warning. Otherwise, I've got a roundup of what we (maybe!) can expect to happen during the first five episodes, along with a (maybe!) sigh of relief regarding a particularly upsetting death rumor.


Let's start with a breakdown of the various filming spoilers that have been posted so far by eagle-eyed fans. According to a Spoil the Dead forum poster, around five episodes have been filmed so far, and here's how the timeline is looking:

(Last warning that we are officially entering possible spoiler territory!)

[Episode 1] The group escapes the boxcar

[Episode 1] Terminus is *dealt with*

[Episode 2] Ty, Judith, & Carol reunite with group

[Episode 2] A majority of the group encounter a residential house (either for supplies or for shelter)

[Episode 2] Daryl & Carol chase down a car at night (possibly connected to Terminus or Beth/FG)

[Episode 2] Enter FG

[Episode 3] Group ends up on the move (either in need of a hospital, seeking Beth, fleeing Termites, or just heading North, or ALL)

[Episode 3] Group splits for some reason, (presumably for supply runs, finding Beth, evading Termites)

[Episode 3] Rick, Michonne, Bob, Sasha, & FG seem to be in one group

[Episode 4] Beth's story line with the car/abduction is addressed

[Episode 5] A portion of the group (minus Tyrese & Judith) end up at the Easy Shop Supermarket (possibly a supply run)

[Episode 5] The Easy Shop Supermarket is located near train tracks and may be associated with FG since there is a "Church Bus" involved.

This is all pure speculation, of course, but it seems reasonable enough based on what people are reporting from the filming locations. ("FG" refers to Father Gabriel, a new character that Seth Gilliam is rumored to be playing.) I can't wait to see how Terminus is, quote, DEALT WITH.

Moving on to the big bummer news that Glenn was killed off in one of the first episodes -- the latest scuttlebutt is that Steven Yeun, dressed in character as Glenn, has been spotted on set. The death rumor was feeling believable because he hadn't been seen on set in Atlanta for a while, but as of June 20, The Spoiling Dead shared photos of Yeun dressed in character filming alongside Lauren Cohan (Maggie), Michael Cudlitz (Abraham), Christian Serratos (Rosita) and Josh McDermitt (Eugene).

Spoil the Dead is also reporting from the filming locations, and they've seen Abraham, Sasha, Tara, Daryl, and Carl's stunt double.

Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean Glenn's safe, because they could be filming out of sequence or deliberately trying to fool fans or who knows what all. Plus, none of this is confirmed fact, it's just straight-up watercooler gossip -- but of course that's what makes it fun. Here's one last rumor that was shared by "Anonymous":

Okay so cast and crew are trying to get people to be confused on who's dying. They wanted it to be speculated on Daryl, but somehow it got to Glenn. But it's actually neither. Do you remember how Dale died in the comics? Got chased by the hunters and got knocked out, woke up with leg missing and the hunters ate him.. Well yeah after Terminus Gareth and like 4 others turn into the hunters and take revenge on Rick and gang. Just like in the comics... And then the person who replaces Dales death is..... It's Bob... It hasn't been filmed yet and Lawrence doesn't even know yet.

I'm not sure I buy the idea that some random person knew about this before the actor did, but I love the idea. In the comics, Andrea (who was not NEARLY the bag of suck her TV character was) had to shoot Dale to prevent him from reanimating, so if Bob suffers the same fate, maybe Sasha will have to kill him. Which would be totally sad, because:

Awwww. But if that's really what happens, hooray for Glenn surviving! Sorry, Bob.

What do you think of this latest rumor roundup? Would you be sad if Bob died?

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