Andi Dorfman's Wardrobe Malfunction Left Little to the Imagination (PHOTO)

Andi Dorfman

Ha! Not too long ago, she tweeted something about having gained weight while filming The Bachelorette, which must be the case given the fact that Andi Dorfman's dress ripped in the middle of her date with Nick Viall in Venice.

I know. Why the heck didn't they show that on camera? It would've been a hell of a lot more entertaining than the conversation that was going on. (Just sayin'.)

In her People blog, Andi wrote, "What you didn't see on the date however was that my zipper broke in the middle of dinner. I'm not talking about a small break – it broke all the way down the back of my dress! SOS! We ended up finding black electric tape and taping the entire back of the dress. Haha!"

The zipper broke? Please. She totally split the dress, you guys.


Here's the photo evidence. Can you believe she's standing there in nothing but a coat?!?

Andi Dorfman

OMG. I'm not saying it didn't look amazing on her or anything like that, but it's fairly obvious that this frock was just a tad too tight.

Honestly though, whose dress would fit with all the good food over in Italy? Duh. If you can't indulge in that country, there's really no point in visiting. (I'm packing plenty of fat pants if I ever manage to get over there.)

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I'm sure Andi had to be more than a little bit embarrassed by her unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, but at least she seems to be keeping a good sense of humor about the whole thing. And I might be going out on a limb here, but something tells me Nick didn't exactly mind when her dress suddenly started to fall off. 

Too bad this wasn't a fantasy suite date. It certainly would've saved them a step.

Have you ever split your dress or pants?


Images via andi_dorfman/Instagram; andi_dorfman/Instagram

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