'Ladies of London' Recap: Caprice Bourret Needs to Stop Being a Drama Queen

Ladies of LondonLadies of London, how I love thee. Americans and Brits may be different, but drama is spelled the same in both language (*Hear that swoop? That was the satisfying sound of my rhetorical nothin' but net opening, boom*). I knew that last week's drama between Annabelle Neilson and Juliet Angus wasn't going to magically disappear, but I didn't expect Caprice Bourret to be the one to keep it all going. Oy, Caprice, noooo -- tres declasse. 

This week Caprice managed to offend both Juliet AND her own long-time buddy Caroline Stanbury. The spat with Juliet wasn't really that remarkable, it was more of the same -- trying to make Juliet fit into a cookie cutter mold that she isn't made for. But the fight with Caroline was feuding at its passive-aggressive British best. Because Caprice was displeased with how Caroline failed to defend Annabelle, she basically told Caroline that she can no longer throw Caprice's baby shower. Uh, okay, dude. Whatever. 


Because Caroline is not a slacker from Southern California, she did not say this. Instead she quietly pointed out that Caprice was being really rude -- and she was right! It made Caprice look like a pot-stirrer to the extreme. It also made her look like a bit of hypocrite. Oh sure, she has no problem demurring to Caroline and passive-aggressively striking back, but with Juliet she'll scream in a limo? Weird. Weird, behavior. I'd chalk it up to pregnancy, but my best friend is pregnant and she has not once yelled at me in a limo. And I've BEGGED.

I didn't think I'd wind up team Juliet, but she's alright, she's just trying to fit in. I still love Annabelle most of all, but mainly because it seems like she's stumbled into this show accidentally. I don't think she and Juliet will ever be close, but a lot of people in the world aren't without the resulting awkwardness having to be aired on television. The drama is going to be in watching Caprice and Caroline for the next few episodes, I think.

Are you team Caprice?


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