'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Tamra Judge Is an Evil Genius!

Real Housewives of Orange County In the game of thrones Real Housewives of Orange County, you win or you die. Tamra Judge is giving a certain flaxen-haired lady Lannister a run for her money when it comes to scheming. Last week, Tamra managed to make things right with Heather Dubrow, but only at the expense of violating the newly earned trust of her newbie Shannon Beador. This week, Shannon and Heather bickered, fumed, and gossiped all because of Tamra's machinations. Yet, somehow, Tamra wound up smelling like roses!

How is this even possible?! I'll tell you. Tamra is using a technique seldom seen on reality TV: She is telling the truth. Rather than prolong the lie, eventually, Tamra totally and unequivocally owned up to telling Heather private details about Shannon's marital problems. Was this a Housewife first? I feel like it might have been. 


Tamra should have been revealed to be the villain, but by admitting she'd done wrong, she made it impossible for Shannon to spew any bile her way. The worst that came out of it? Shannon saying she might never trust Tamra again. 

I can't wait for Vicki Gunvalson to come back from Penis-In-Vagina Island. I mean, from her beachy Mexican getaway with Ayers Brooks (same difference, really). Shannon really needs an ally and Vicki on your side guns blazing is not a woman to be trifled with. Hopefully she'll even manage to put Tamra wise. Lord knows she's managed to do it before.

Shannon is going through a difficult time. I told my roommate today that watching her was like watching my mom somehow wind up on reality TV. Instead of playing by the rule book, she's just trying to be a good person and getting slapped in the face by these veterans. She deserves a lot better than the treatment she's getting this go 'round. Also, Heather girl, you can be funny and classy, and great, but a little humility never did anybody no harm, mkay?

Do you think Heather is the villain this season, or is Shannon in the wrong?


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