'Bachelorette' Recap: Andi Dorfman Gets Caught in Her Own Lie

Andi Dorfman

Good grief. Throughout her entire season of The Bachelorette, something has always seemed a bit off about Andi Dorfman -- and tonight was definitely no exception.

Um ... I know she wants to make sure the guys are here for the right reasons and all -- but she really put them all on the spot tonight by making them take that lie detector test. Sure ... she wound up tearing up the results after the fact, but still -- those poor dudes were shaking in their boots with the realization that she really doesn't totally trust any of them. (Yet ... she still thinks her husband is among the remaining men. Okkkaaayyy ...)


But hell. The lie detector test was nothing compared to how she totally gave Cody the "friend" card and dumped him right in the middle of their one-on-one date. 

Oh please -- did you really think her tears were for real? The way she cried and carried on when she cut him loose was almost worse than if she'd simply given him the rose and then said goodbye to him after one more week. She made a fool out of him -- but at least he handled the rejection like a total class act.

I guess on the one hand we have to give her credit for kicking him to the curb instead of leading him on any more than she already has. But sheesh! That Andi isn't exactly subtle about anything she does. At this point, we probably shouldn't put anything past her as far as who she chooses to eliminate going forward ... and when.

As far as the rose ceremony goes ... it's a wonder that any of the dudes are left after that awkward cocktail party. They were all, "Do you trust me? Do you trust me?" And even though that was Andi's own fault, it's like she opened up a can of worms with that dumb lie detector test and there is nothing she can do to put the guys at ease again.

But I guess we shouldn't be all that shocked that J.J. was sent packing. She really didn't have the same connection with him as she does the other guys -- though at this point, it's really tough to believe she's in love with any of them.

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And what's up with her comment to Chris Harrison -- "I've never tried harder for anything in my life." Um, duh ... when it comes to love, you shouldn't have to "try." If I didn't know any better, I'd say she's forcing herself to feel something for these dudes when she clearly doesn't. (At all.)

Do you think Andi is wrong for not trusting these guys?


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