Jenelle Evans' Pregnancy Breasts Are So Amazing It's Unfair (PHOTO)

Jenelle Evans

The last trimester of pregnancy can be kind of a drag, to say the least -- but there are a few perks that are definitely an added bonus. And after seeing a new selfie Jenelle Evans shared on Instagram, it's clear that she's more than reaping the benefits of being ready to deliver.

Duh -- I'm talking about her boobs, people. I'm not sure why I never really noticed them before, but in this particular shot? Um ... it's next to impossible to ignore them.

Let me see ... how shall I put this?

Jenelle's girls are HUGE. And they're fabulous.


Jenelle Evans


Oh come on -- just go ahead and admit that you can't stop staring at them either.

I mean, she has to have gone up at least a cup size or two, right? Man. This pic is almost enough to make me miss being pregnant. (Ok, not really. But I definitely have some serious boob-envy going on.)

And I guess we can't blame Jenelle for wanting to show them off, since they'll eventually go back to their normal size after baby Kaiser's arrival. Oh please -- do you honestly think she shared this photo simply to give us another glimpse of her baby bump? She knows damn well that her cleavage is amazeballs right now -- and she wants us to know it too.

Do you ever miss your pregnancy boobs?


Images via j_evans8209/Instagram; j_evans8209/Instagram

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