'Sister Wives' Recap: Kody Brown Is More Secretive Than You Think

Sister WivesIt was a double-header of new episodes of Sister Wives on TLC tonight! Usually twice the Browns means twice the well-meaning shenanigans and tonight was no exception. If anything, tonight's installments were almost TOO sweet. My favorite moments overall? Why that would include Christine Brown revealing the truth of Kody's feelings about the move to Las Vegas AND seeing all of Robyn's hard work paying off in a loan for the family business! CELEBRATE.

First up, the business-y type stuff. At the end of the last week's episode, I don't know about you, but I was 90% sure that the family was in NO WAY going to get the loan they needed to help Robyn Brown's brainchild soar. I did a veritable Scooby-Doo double take when the investors came back and offered them dollars -- albeit, a little bit less than they had originally planned on receiving. I maybe did a fist-pump. The business lives on!  


In keeping with this upbeat theme, we get my second favorite moment. It's rare we get a glimpse of Kody Brown being anything other than totally confident. That changed this episode. The wives and the various and sundry kids decided to throw a party celebrating Kody and their move to Las Vegas. It was a sweet deck-of-cards theme party, which was nice in and of itself.

But the real magic came when the wives took turns talking about their highs and lows moving to Vegas. It was really surprising when Christine spoke about finally realizing that Kody hadn't been as excited about the move as he had pretended to be. He had only pretended that way to feel that way to convince his family it was the right move. It was so touching to see that the usually unflappable Kody had his doubts.

What was your favorite part of the episode?


Image via TLC

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