'Kate Plus 8' Reunion Recap: The Sextuplets Turn 10!

kate plus eight Oh mama. Kate Gosselin and her brood returned to T.V. tonight -- and, not surprisingly, the much maligned Jon Gosselin was nowhere to be seen. Time has passed, there have even been two seasons of Kate and the 8 minus Jon. But all the same, Kate and Jon's divorce is still relatively fresh in our minds. Equally fresh? Her attempts to stay in the public eye with forays into Dancing With The Stars -- she's even set to star on The Celebrity Apprentice in the upcoming season.

The return to the spotlight wasn't, ostensibly, for Kate this time. This reunion special was to celebrate the sextuplets turning ten! That makes me feel ancient. Let's not even discuss the fact that the twins are already teenagers. Just roll in my wheelchair and leave me to my misery. Time may have passed since we last saw the gang, but not a lot has changed. 


The difficulties of raising baby multiples has simply been replaced with the difficulties of raising teenager multiples. Sure, Kate says, some mornings she lets them get up and do breakfast and the like for themselves. But they are still slaves to their chore chart, and getting any one particular activity done is almost impossible thanks to mini-meltdown of any number of their posse.

The thing that struck me the most was how tired Kate seems. She can be pretty easy to vilify, but this special definitely had me empathizing with her. She speaks candidly about her fears regarding how growing up without an active father figure will negatively affect her kids, especially the boys. Kate, known as much for her temperament as her many children, seems to be on the knife's edge of falling into a bad mood or tears when one of her kids threatens to make any task anything other than easy. For the first time, I wasn't rolling my eyes at her. I was feeling badly for her. 

What did you think of part one of the special?


Image via TLC

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