‘Teen Mom’ Star Has Crazy Tattoo Plans That Will Ruin Her Body

Adam Lind, Taylor HalburI wonder if part of the application process for wanting to appear on MTV's 16 & Pregnant and/or Teen Mom is determining the likelihood of the candidate someday covering her body with tattoos. For example, when Amber Portwood was pregnant, do you think they asked her, "What are the chances that you'll have your unborn child's face inked on her stomach someday?" Or was it all just a happy accident?

Anyway, there's another one considering a giant tattoo. Even though Taylor Halbur never really auditioned for the show, but joined the franchise by default when she hooked up with Chelsea Houska's ex-boyfriend Adam Lind and had his second baby, it seems like she fits in just fine with her ink-loving ways.


Taylor tweeted her tattoo confessions and asked for some advice on Wednesday, June 18.

A half-sleeve! That is an awful lot of ink to get without some serious consideration. It would definitely merit more thought than "thinking maybe new ink today." Besides, you have to make an appointment if you're going to get a large piece done -- or at least you should, because reputable artists need to schedule time to take on such a big project.

I'd suggest she sit down with the Marroquin family if she wants some advice on tattoos -- Javi and his wife Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin not only love them some sleeves, they both also have full back panels.

Do you think Taylor will regret a tattoo sleeve?


Image via Adam Lind/Instagram

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