Mackenzie Douthit Does Something Most Moms Could Never Do (VIDEO)

Mackenzie DouthitMackenzie Douthit is nuts about staying in shape, and by that I mean she works out and watches what she eats and stuff. Basically, she's a super fit, super thin, super strong chick. And now we know why she does it, and it's not just to look good in a bikini.

The Teen Mom 3 star recently posted a couple of videos to her Instagram account, and wowza -- that girl basically defies gravity. We know her passion is cheerleading, and that she does it competitively, but dang, it's one thing to know something, and another thing entirely to see it.


These moves would be amazing for anyone, but considering she's a married mother of two babies? And that she gave birth to one of those tykes mere months ago?

This one she captioned, "Very ugly but I did it for the first time since having jaxie." Honey, if you think that's ugly, I can't help you.

This one is "Standing three to a full" which I assume refers to flipping somehow, because that's what's happening.

It's no wonder Mackenzie is so obsessed with staying fit and strong. Feats like this don't come from sitting on your hiney watching reality TV and eating cheesy puffs.

What do you think about Mackenzie's decision to get back into cheer after having children?


Image via Mackenzie Douthit/Instagram

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