Jenelle Evans' Birth Plan Is Bound to Land Her in Hot Water

Jenelle Evans

Baby Kaiser isn't due until June 29, but technically he could choose to show up any day now. And of course, this has people speculating over how Jenelle Evans' delivery will go down -- and some folks seem to think she's going to have a water birth.

Huh. She has never really struck me as the natural parenting type, but hey -- stranger things have happened.

And she does dig hanging out at the beach, so maybe giving birth in water would be pretty calming for her? (Some moms swear by it.)


But supposedly this is nothing more than just a rumor, and Jenelle "cracked up" over the idea. She has no intention of doing things anything other than the old-fashioned way.

Apparently she'll deliver in a hospital, and a source says she's "DEFINITELY" getting an epidural.

Duh. Who can blame her? More power to women who choose to forgo any sort of pain management, but OMG ... epidurals are seriously like heaven on earth. The minute I got mine, I remember looking at the nurse and saying, "Who wouldn't want this?!?"

After hours of agony, I swear it was the only thing that allowed me to somewhat enjoy the birth of my son. I'm totally behind Jenelle's plan to make labor and delivery as easy as possible.

Besides, something about the image of her sitting in a big tub of water with Nathan Griffith and Babs cheering her on just seems so ... unlikely.

Oh come on, can you honestly picture that image?!?

But you know there are going to be people who read Jenelle the riot act for choosing to "drug her baby" or some bullsh&% like that. (Yes, I'm talking to you, Miranda Kerr.) Considering how much "fans" love to tear Jenelle apart, I'm sure they'll have a field day with this one.

Would you ever consider a water birth?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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