'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Recap: Mama June Loses One of Her Kids

here comes honey boo booWhen we left the Thompson-Shannon family at the end of last season, Anna and Michael had just gotten engaged. Now, on the  premiere of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, the family underwent even more changes.

After celebrating their engagement, Anna immediately set out on planning the wedding and moving out of Mama June's house. The matriarch, however, was not that excited about the changes. Mostly because with Anna leaving, baby Kaitlyn would also be making the move.


And all of this is just in time for June's birthday. She's turning 34 and the girls decide to throw her a tropical stay-cation. They transform their home into a Hawaiian beach, and even get June the best present ever: a Mario Lopez cut-out. We can't blame her -- every single lady has had a crush on A.C. Slater at one point. 

But the birthday is one last celebration before the inevitable moment: Anna ultimately moves out with Michael and Kaitlyn, so little GiGi's baby is officially out of the house. Clearly a bittersweet moment for June, but now she decides to devote her time to finding full-time work.

Luckily, her sister owns a bakery, so June decides to try her hand at baking and cake decorating. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't go too well, especially because it's easier to sample all the pastries rather than make them. And while she's working with her sister, Sugar Bear becomes Sugar Mom and stays at home with the girls.

It's definitely a change for the family, but eventually June gets back to her SAHM status so Sugar Bear can return to work. All in all, the family seems to be doing just fine without Anna and Kaitlyn. Plus, they made armpit fudge (exactly what it sounds like), so at least everything is a little sweeter.

Did you agree with Anna leaving the house?


Image via Discovery/TLC

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