Andi Dorfman Slams Nick Viall but Only Hurts Herself

Nick Viall

Ugh. I guess this really shouldn't come as any huge surprise, but Andi Dorfman is calling out Nick Viall for deeming himself a "front runner" on Monday's episode of The Bachelorette -- and it's obvious that she isn't too happy with him, y'all.

In her People blog, Andi wrote, "Obviously I don't like this term, because it made me feel like this was a competition and that I'm a prize. I am not a prize at the state fair. You cannot win me!"

Um, hello? She can think whatever she wants about the show, but it is definitely a competition. Sure, once in a while, someone goes on the show for the right reasons, but for the most part, everyone gets caught up in the "game" at some point.


And in addition to basically letting everyone know that Nick is not the dude she winds up with at the end, Andi also managed to succeed at throwing herself under the bus yet again as far as being a man hater goes.

Seriously, she really needs to stahhhp talking at some point. Every time she opens her mouth (verbally or in a blog post), she winds up slamming men in one way or another.

First she ripped Juan Pablo Galavis a new one on The Bachelor. And then she said there were only about four guys she would've actually given her number to on her season of The Bachelorette. And then between the way she treated Eric Hill on his final night on the show and her comments about Nick, I think she's pretty much proven that she gets a kick out of bashing dudes at every opportunity she gets.

I know she thinks she needs to maintain this "bad ass" persona, but it's really starting to backfire -- to the point where she probably won't have one single fan left by the time the "After the Final Rose" special airs.

Be honest, do you still like her after all of the negative things she's said? (I didn't think so.)

Why do you think Andi is so defensive?


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