Chelsea Houska's Terrifying Experience Is Enough to Make Anyone Paranoid

Chelsea Houska Aubree

There has been some pretty intense weather in certain parts of the country lately, and apparently South Dakota is getting its fair share of the nasty stuff. Would you believe that Chelsea Houska was this close to being in the path of a tornado yesterday?!?

OMG. Wait until you see the photo that her dad posted on Twitter, because it's pretty darn scary, to say the least.

I'm sure Chel is thanking her lucky stars that she and Aubree are safe and sound, and let's just hope everyone else in her area was as lucky.


Whoa. After seeing the devastation left by those two twisters that touched down in Nebraska earlier this week, hearing the news that you were anywhere in the general vicinity of a tornado is as scary as it gets.

No one would be surprised if Chelsea is freaking out a little bit right now, and I'm sure she'll be keeping a close eye on the weather report from here on out. It would be next to impossible for anyone to have a close call like this and not get a little bit paranoid every time the skies turn dark.

We're all just SO glad Chelsea is ok!

Have you ever seen a tornado?


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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