Aviva Drescher May Have Been Caught in Another Big Lie (VIDEO)

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It's Wednesday and welcome to The Real Housewives of the Girl Who Cried Wolf! Ahem. I mean, The Real Housewives of New York City. Today I deconstruct HOW trip destinations are chosen, who hosts, and most importantly, who PAYS. How did the ladies end up in Montana, and does anyone believe Aviva Drescher? What wonderful, beautiful gift did the editors give Sonja Morgan? Also in today's exclusive video, I Wanna Marry Harry gossip, PLUS a very interesting viewer question.


There's a lot of planning involved in every single reality television cast trip, including quite a bit leading up to choosing the destination and the hostess. Were you surprised that newbie Kristen Taekman hosted the Montana trip? I wasn't -- in today's video, I explain why it HAD to be her.

And we really must talk about LuAnn de Lesseps. There is so much backstory here, it could fill several volumes -- none of it appropriate for etiquette books. LuAnn is the inspiration for my fashion choice in today's video, so please do tell me what you think of it! Why is LuAnn the Countess who doth protest too much? Watch and see!

Of course, RHONY is not the only show on television, and I just had to weigh in on that circus of a hoodwinking, gotcha moment, train wreck dating show on Fox, I Wanna Marry "Harry." There's new news to report, and I put on my producer's hat and tell you how it could have been better. If only I ran reality TV.

Finally, as I was writing today's episode, a Twitter question came in that fascinated me. All about MONEY, honey. How much do Housewives really make, and why do different stars get different salaries? Watch the Real Deal below to find out!

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Are you surprised by LuAnn's incredibly rude behavior?

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