'RHONY's Sonja Morgan Has Crazier Problems Than We Ever Thought

sonja morgan Good thing Sonja Morgan has her army of young men to console her when the going gets rough. And, you know, good thing she has them in general. That said, she'll probably be taking major advantage of their crying-shoulders in the coming days as her bankruptcy case takes another weird and wild turn -- this time, Sonja's problems? They involve pigs. Wild. Pigs. Yeah. You heard me.

Sonja's financial troubles have been plaguing her for quite some time now. You'd think things couldn't get any weirder. You'd think wrong. Sonja announced that as part of her bankruptcy case, she was selling off her villa in St. Tropez (WOULD THAT I HAD THESE PROBLEMS). Sonja wanted to make sure she got as much dough as was possible in listing the property -- which makes sense. She was selling it for $8 million. Now, I don't know anything about how rich people operate, but I shall say that this seems like a "reasonable price." Only Sonja didn't get anywhere NEAR her asking amount.


And why not? Because the villa was falling to pieces! Still, you'd think someone would be willing to shell out major bucks for the land alone -- I mean, St. Tropez? Hello? If it was just a little property damage, this might have been the case. But sadly, there was more to Sonja's latest mess. And that more? It was a whole mess of wild pigs parading around the property.

I can't even with this news, you guys. I feel like Sonja should just pull a Grey Gardens, enlist Ramona Singer to be the Big Edie to her Little Edie, move to St. Tropez, and just commune with the wild pigs in her dilapidated mansion. If the whole "communing with wild pigs" thing doesn't work out, they can always slaughter the animals and make scads of money selling Ramona and Sonja-brand bacon. I know I would buy at least one package. I mean, depending on how much the shipping costs. I'm not made of money, you guys.

What do you think the future holds for Sonja?


Image via BravoTV

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