Jenelle Evans' Plans for Jace Are a Huge Disappointment

Jenelle Evans & Jace

With a little under a couple weeks to go until her due date, Jenelle Evans is busy getting everything in order for baby Kaiser's arrival. But even though she has to realize her life is totally about to change, I'm not sure she understands just how different things are going to be.

Especially considering she's all excited about getting Disney World tickets in the mail, which means it's safe to assume she plans on taking Jace at some point in the near future.

Yep. Jenelle's goin' to Disney. She even tweeted about it.


And you know where I'm going with this one, right?

While it's all well and good that she wants to do something special for Jace, how on earth is she going to manage to take a trip like that with a newborn in tow?!?

Hell, it's tough enough to drag a little kid through the parks, let alone a brand new baby, so the only way this can possibly work is if those tickets are for dates that are months off in the future.

If Jenelle plans on going right after Kaiser is born, she may be in for a rude awakening once she realizes just how hard parenting a newborn is. And then she might be forced to cancel the Disney trip at the risk of upsetting Jace, which would really, really suck.

I guess she could always leave Kaiser with Babs and hop on a plane to Orlando -- but that raises the question of "how soon is too soon" to leave a new baby, a whole other issue in itself.

Hopefully for Jace's sake, Jenelle has thought this one through so she doesn't wind up having to pull the plug on heading to Disney at the last minute. The last thing she needs is to get his hopes up only to have to tell him he isn't going to see the Mouse anymore. Being disappointed as a mom is one thing, but bumming out your kid is just about as bad as it gets.

Would you ever take a newborn to Disney?


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