'Ladies of London' Recap: Annabelle Neilson TOTALLY Enrages the Americans

annabelle neilson This probably says way more about me than it should, but when it comes to Ladies of London, I am staunchly team Annabelle Neilson. I mean, she's a well-respected muse and model and the most punk-rock member of the British aristocracy (not that, like, you know, that is saying much really in terms of punk-rock street cred). Still, she seems like someone who'd give you a cigarette if you were short one at a party and like she has a killer sense of humor.

You know who does not? Juliet Angus. Maybe I'm going to catch hell for this, maybe not -- but Juliet is THE WORST. She's the reason Americans have a bad rep in places like the U.K. Which is particularly egregious because her faults (rudeness, volume, self-centeredness) are her own, not those of every American. When Juliet's behavior went from rude to just awkward at the Fourth of July Party, Annabelle walked. But Juliet wasn't content to let bygones, you know, be gone. 


If you're being so loud and me-me-me that someone gets up and leaves your party, here is a pro-tip: Do not chase them down and yell at them in the street! Don't get me wrong here. I am American and proud of where I come from. But this doesn't mean I'm going to let my ass-cheeks hang out of my cut-offs and make my new friends feel like I'm the coolest person ever, and they shouldn't even bother.

I have to say, Annabelle's reaction to Juliet chasing her down in the street? Best thing I've seen on reality T.V. for a while. Juliet went quietly nuts freaking out about Annabelle's "rudeness." Annabelle went for the soft-spoken death-stare AND I LOVED IT. The truth of the matter is Annabelle didn't leave the party because the Americans were being gauche. She left the party because IT WAS LAME. Juliet whipping around knickers was just as good a marker that it was time for her to leave as any. In closing: Juliet is the worst. I know, I already said that -- but you guys, she talks about hanging out with Lindsay Lohan like that is something desirable or cool. She named her son Truman. I rest my case.

Are you team Annabelle or team Juliet?


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