'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Savannah Clashes With Her Alcoholic Mother

16 and pregnant savannah

The final episode of 16 and Pregnant's fifth season aired tonight, and boy, was it a doozy. High schooler Savannah is from Missouri, where she lives with her little brother and their mother, who has struggled with alcoholism since Savannah was born. Now, with a new baby on the way, the small family's problems get more serious.

Though she was a shy student who loved painting and drawing, Savannah opened up when she met her boyfriend, Stone. Then, she got more social, but the fun and games ended when she got pregnant.


Not long after finding out that she was expecting, the teenage couple broke up and decided to co-parent as friends instead. But obviously, not everything was perfectly friendly. Immediately, they clashed over the baby name. Stone insisted that the baby boy be named Talon (after his car), and Savannah quickly vetoed. And even grandma made her feelings well known at the baby shower, when she said how dumb it was to name a baby after a car. Couldn't agree with you more, gma. Though Maci Bookout's Bentley is the clear exception.

And since they were "just friends," both continued to pursue other romances. Stone left the baby shower and immediately went off to hit on some ladies with his friend. Then Savannah met up with one of her friends, but he let her know that the timing wasn't good. So when she wanted to talk to someone about her problems, she went looking for her mom. But she was nowhere to be found.

Finally, she showed up before dawn, clearly drunk, having fallen off the wagon yet again. "I'm not going to justify or explain my behavior to anyone," she said and insisted that Savannah was judging her. But how could you not?

Though they were still clearly in a fight, Savannah's mom managed to show up while her daughter was giving birth. And when baby Rowan was born (thankfully, Stone didn't get naming privileges here), she seemed to be doing well.

But it didn't last long. A couple days after Savannah returned home from the hospital, her mom came home belligerently drunk, claiming that Savannah was "too much" and "too big" for her. And with her little brother in the house, the situation was clearly not safe, so Savannah called the cops. When they arrived, the teen shuffled her son and brother into Stone's car and left her mom alone for the night.

When they reunited again the next day, things seemed like they may have gotten better, but Savannah was clearly not optimistic. Her mother's addiction is powerful and Savannah may have to parent more than just her baby.

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