'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Courtney Battles With Sex & Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

16 and pregnant courtney

Tonight's 16 and Pregnant double feature first brought us Courtney, a high school senior from Colorado who has faced her own fair share of drama before the show even started. First she was born with a cleft lip and palate and has had seven reconstructive surgeries to correct it. Then she was very religious and was saving herself for marriage ... until her boyfriend, Scott, came around.

Everything changed. After they slept together, she got pregnant and once again has decided to remain abstinent until she and Scott tie the knot. Now the couple have moved in together into Scott's two-bedroom apartment and are preparing for the arrival of their son.


Though Scott is an electrician's apprentice and has his own apartment, the couple is not without their fair share of struggles. Because Courtney has chosen to be abstinent until they get married (there's no engagement yet, but she's thinking that within a year, they'll be hitched), the couple's relationship is strained. Clearly, Scott is not too happy.

So when she officially moves in, Courtney insists on sleeping in two separate bedrooms so they won't be tempted. "If you wait for me, I'll know for sure that you want to be with me," she told him. And poor Scott had to comply.

But for the majority of the episode, they stayed unified and strong. Since Courtney's cleft condition is hereditary (she got it from her mother), little baby Dayton was also born with a minor cleft lip. Now they're facing a costly surgery to repair it when he turns 5 months old.

Until then, though, the parents are going to have their fights, it seems. Scott is still upset over the no-sex rule and Courtney is upset over being a full-time stay-at-home mom to their son while Scott works all day. And when both situations compound, they become more like roommates than boyfriend/girlfriend. And the transition is visible. Scott gets very mad and storms out after one of their worst fights, and they spend a couple nights apart.

After reuniting, they seem to be strong together once again, but it's clear that the spars will continue until they can finally see eye-to-eye about their issues.

Who do you think was in the right? Courtney or Scott?

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