Chelsea Houska Might Be Finally Getting Her Own Spin-Off (PHOTO)

Chelsea HouskaWhat is going on with Chelsea Houska lately? It seems like this Teen Mom 2 star has been having the best time in life recently. She's been focusing on her health, and she looks hotter than ever. Her career is taking off, she finally (finally!) seems to be completely over ex-boyfriend Adam Lind, and she basically feels "amazing, happy, and healthy" lately.

So what could be the icing on the cake of this fantastic life Chelsea has made for herself and her daughter Aubree? How about a new project? The reality star tweeted a picture over the weekend that hints to some solo screen time, along with another message referencing her manager, so we can't help but wonder -- is Chelsea getting a spin-off?


OK, first there's the reference to her manager. Not Teen Mom 2 producers -- just her own personal manager. What are he and Chels cooking up for our viewing delight? Of course, it could be something like a memoir, like a few of her fellow MTV reality stars have published, but this pic leads us to believe it's something for the screen.

We already know Teen Mom 2 is coming back mid-July, so it could be just in reference to that, but something about how Chelsea didn't make any mention whatsoever about the series leads us to believe she's shooting something entirely different.

Whatever it is, we can't wait to find out! Let's face it, it's hard to get our fill of this gorgeous girl.

What do you think Chelsea Houska and her manager have in the works?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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