Lisa Vanderpump's Future in the Spotlight Isn't Looking So Bright

lisa vanderpump Oh man. Things are not going well for Lisa Vanderpump. I mean, does she still live in the most palatial and attractive home ever to be featured on The Real Housewives? Yes. Totally. She still very much has the real estate portion of her life on lock. But is she still a T.V. star and restaurant mogul? Yes ... but maybe not for very much longer! 

Lisa's been dealt a few heavy blows over the last few months. First, producers fired Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia -- Lisa's only remaining allies on the show. If I were Lisa, I'd want to leave the show too -- which is what she's rumored to be planning. But the hits don't stop there, no sir, they just keep on coming. Now they are impacting her restaurant career as well! A former server at Lisa's Villa Blanca eatery named Karina Bustillos just won a $6,000 lawsuit against the restaurant on charges of sexual harassment she endured while working there! No, say it ain't so! 


Karina brought the restaurant to court over the behavior of the place's assistant manager. What made this case doubly awful was that the court found that the restaurant acted with malice! That meant they were able to determine that the restaurant knew the assistant manager was in violation of their own sexual harassment policies ... and did nothing to stop him. No, Lisa! You're supposed to take care of your own, not feed them to grabby wolves! 

If Lisa leaves Real Housewives, and crowds stop thronging to her restaurants, what will she have left? I mean, aside from a rockin' bod, Giggy, and Ken Todd teetering around after her festooning her person with pink roses. Lisa hasn't confirmed that she's leaving the show, but with no allies to speak of, and the feud with Brandi Glanville still relatively fresh on her mind, I can't imagine she'd want to make her life more difficult by staying in the limelight.

Do you think Lisa will quit the show?


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