Jenelle Evans Shouldn't Be 'Sorry' for Gaining Weight While Pregnant

Jenelle Evans

Wow. Some people really will stoop as low as humanly possible to insult someone they don't like. She's been a target of online haters for years now, but would you believe that someone actually called Jenelle Evans "fat" after seeing a new photo of her on Twitter?

Um, anyone who is following her has to know she's nine months pregnant, so who in their right mind would be so cruel as to call her fat?!?

Here's the pic that has "fans" criticizing Jenelle's appearance.


Jenelle Evans & Jace

I know -- she looks perfectly adorable, right? Apparently some folks think she has a fat roll sticking out of her dress. Check out Jenelle's response to being picked apart from head to toe.

Ugh. Can you believe she felt the need to apologize for that picture? She has absolutely NOTHING to be sorry for, as everyone's body shape and boob size change during pregnancy.

And upon closer examination of the photo, I was all ... what fat roll? I'm sorry, but people are just insane. And mean. And ... they must be blind too.

Um, you know how some pregnant women are described as being "all baby"? Jenelle is probably the most fitting picture of someone who's "all baby" we've ever seen. She's super tiny everywhere besides her growing belly, which is evident from another photo that popped up on Twitter over the weekend.

Jenelle Evans fans

Damn. Most of us can only hope to look that good in a bikini when we're not pregnant, let alone under two weeks from our due date. Look at the girl standing next to her for comparison's sake. Jenelle is no bigger than her, other than the fact that she has a baby bump, of course.

I don't care how much you can't stand someone -- fat shaming them during pregnancy (or any other time for that matter) is just plain terrible. 

Can't Jenelle's haters cut her a little slack for the time being ... at least until after baby Kaiser arrives?!? The poor girl deserves a break, especially during what is supposed to be one of the happiest times in her life. (Enough is enough, people.)

Do you feel bad for Jenelle?


Images via j_evans8209/Instagram; Twitter; Twitter

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