'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kris Jenner Can't Live Without Bruce Jenner!

keeping up with the kardashians The heart wants what it wants. Mine wants a cheesesteak and to never wear pants again. Kris Jenner's heart? Why, it still seems to very much want her baby-daddy Bruce Jenner in her life. Kris may deny it, and the duo may live in separate abodes, and they may even bicker almost constantly. But tonight's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians made it crystal clear that without Bruce to boss around, Kris just feels plain lost.

Oh sure, she tried to make it about the kids, but come on! Kylie and Kendall have always had a special relationship with their dad. It was natural that eventually they'd come back together, in spite of their petty squabbling over the usual things that cause storm clouds to cover parents and teens. The girls didn't need Kris horning in and making them all take awkward yoga classes and cooking lessons together. 


You know who should be taking yoga and cooking classes together? A couple who is trying to reconnect and save their marriage! That's right, I said it: Kris Jenner still has naughty pants feelings for her man Bruce. It cannot be denied. She probably took a bag of hair from Bruce's trim and sleeps with it under her pillow.

It was pretty sucky actually when Bruce had to pull her aside and give the "dude, stahp" lecture. He handled himself really well, letting Kris know that he appreciated her concern but he was a grownup and could take care of himself. This moment totally revealed that while everyone suspected Bruce would be the one falling apart during this split, maybe it turns out that Kris is the one who isn't doing as well as anyone thought she would. Like I said, the heart wants what it wants, and Kris Jenner's heart craves a crotchety gold-obsessed lion-man who refuses to ever take off his socks. Ain't love grand?

Do you think Bruce and Kris will ever get back together?


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