'16 & Pregnant' Star Announces Engagement!

If anyone deserves happiness right now, it's Nikkole Paulun, one of the stars of MTV's 16 and Pregnant. And we're thrilled to say she's finally found it (we hope). The mom has announced she is engaged and will be a bride way sooner than we thought.

Paulun has dealt with her share of criticism over the years. We know she's a drama queen who brings plenty of trouble onto herself, but she's also had a really rough year -- one no one deserves. She suffered a tragic loss when she was pregnant with her second son and discovered he had died in the womb. She bravely opened up about the stillbirth, and her story has surely helped other women.


Paulun and boyfriend Ryan Rice are reportedly getting hitched this fall in a small ceremony that will NOT take place in their Michigan hometown.

She broke the news about her engagement on her Facebook page by posting: "We've been keeping it secret until it's official. We aren't getting married here or everyone would be invited but we will definitely have a big reception some day probably next spring/summer."

Needless to say, her news is probably not going to be taken well by ex-boyfriend Josh Drummonds, who is the father of her 3-year-old son Lyle and is currently in jail serving time for trespassing and assault.

It's nice to see Nikkole moving on and getting past the bad things that have happened in her life, but it's difficult to get 100 percent behind this marriage because she's not even 21 yet. I would so much rather see her continue her education and focus on HER future before making the decision to unite with someone else. Then again, given the fact that she has been a mom for three years, she probably craves stability more than your average 20-year-old woman.

We wish her the best -- and hope this relationship will last.

Do you think marriage is a good move for Nikkole?


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