12 Creative 'Game of Thrones' Covers to Get You Pumped for the Finale (VIDEO)

Game of ThronesWho else is bummed that the season finale of Game of Thrones airs this Sunday night? Couldn't this show be the exception to the whole 'season' concept and just keep churning out episodes week after week all year long? YOU KNOW NOTHING OF FANS' NEEDS, HBO.

Well, I can't fill the gaping hole in your heart where the televised Seven Kingdoms of Westeros used to be, but I can offer a foot-stomping, head-bobbing, completely frickin' awesome cover of the Game of Thrones theme, performed by the New Orleans Swamp Donkeys. How does this rollicking old-timey Dixieland take on the familiar tune stack up to some other memorable covers? I've collected 12 of them here for your listening pleasure.


Let's start with the Swamp Donkeys, performing at the BB King Blues Club & Grill in Times Square:

Seriously, how amazing was that? I think it might be the very best cover floating around on the Internet -- although there are a lot to choose from, in varying styles. For instance, there's this smooth jazz version:

I hate smooth jazz beyond all reason, so that one's definitely going to the bottom of the pile for me. But this heavy metal take is pretty cool:

Here's the same guy doing an acoustic version:

On to the piano!

And the cello. Well, three cellos:

How about a string orchestra?

Wow, those last few were so pretty. Let's shake things up with BAGPIPES:

Eek. No thanks, bagpipes. Maybe an 8-bit videogame style?

Or eight floppy drives:

That was ... oddly mesmerizing. As is this dog:

Last but not least, the Game of Thrones theme sung with the following words: "Game," "of," "Thrones," "fucking," and "yeah." NSFW:

SO HARD TO CHOOSE. I love the traditional string instrument covers, but I might have to go all the way back to the Big Easy version in terms of sheer inventiveness. Which one was your favorite?

Image via HBO

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