'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5: 7 Truths That Must Be Told

Pretty Little LiarsThe new season of ABC Family's hit drama Pretty Little Liars is back, and I am freaking out. When we left them last season, there were soooo many questions we were desperate to have answered. Like, was Ezra more than he seemed? Was he good or bad? Was he going to survive being shot? Is Pretty Little Liars taking place in New York now? And also, what is Ashley Benson doing right? Is James Franco with her? He's probably not with her. 

All joking aside, as the show veers into its fifth season (with two more to come), we've got more questions than answers. Here are 7 big questions we want answered this season -- or else! 


1. Will Aria and Ezra Get Back Together?

Sure, he's been a shady liar with a penchant for younger ladies (LIKE ALI, BARF), but he literally took a bullet for the girls! My money is on a reunion between the two -- but how long will we have to pine for it? And how many more times must we be subjected to Aria's ugly-crying face? 

2. Who Is Spencer Going to Murder?

It's only a matter of time until Spencer snaps, right? Look, she spent a large portion of last season thinking she'd killed Ali in a pill-induced hazed -- what if that was foreshadowing?! Wouldn't it be kind of awesome to have a Spencer's-Life-Behind-Bars arc? You know it would. 

3. Was Shana Really 'A'?

Was it just me or did Tuesday's episode feel a little ... weak? Like, the big reveal after all this time is that it was Shana? BALONEY. I don't buy it -- do you? 

4. What's Behind the Cover-Up With Toby's Mom?

Remember the whole thing where Toby's mom was very clearly murdered? And how there was a big corporation involved? What's going on there? Where's Toby? I miss him. And his torso. 

5. What Is Melissa's Big Secret?

I AM DYING TO KNOW. Melissa is fulllllll of secrets! Does she know ... about Cece killing Wilden? Is that it? I feel like there has to be more. Melissa has a walk-in closet. There are no clothes in it, just uncomfortable truths. 

6. Does Ali Really Have Feelings for Emily?

I am tired of Ali and her games -- did she share with Emily and none of the other girls because she cares about her, or is it an elaborate ruse?


You know she does. YOU KNOW SHE DOES. 

What are you dying to find out this season?


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