Courtland Rogers Sent Back to Jail After Divorcing Jenelle Evans

Jenelle EvansOh my gosh. OK, so we all knew Jenelle Evans' divorce from Courtland Rogers was a long time coming, so when it finally happened this week, it was barely a blip on the radar. I mean, they've been apart for well over a year, and the Teen Mom 2 star is set to give birth any day now to Nathan Griffith's baby.

So, OK, they got legally divorced. Big deal, right? But then guess what happened? Courtland landed back in jail already! Seriously, just one day after his and Jenelle's divorce became final, the dude was back behind bars.


Oh my gosh, I know I'm not supposed to laugh over people going to prison, but this is just too much. It's like there are some people who never learn.

So apparently here's what happened -- Rogers was on probation but failed to appear in court on a felony charge. Not sure what those charges were, but given that Court didn't want to make good on his threat to keep Nathan from being listed as baby Kaiser's daddy, I'm going to assume he stayed away from the courthouse for a reason.

Anyway, bail has been set at $150,000, and his next court date is July 7. Since his ex-wife's new baby is due well before then, let's just hope that Courtland's drama stays out of Jenelle's life from here on out.

In fact, Jenelle told E! News that she "knew it would eventually happen again, because he is a constant troublemaker." The 23-year-old went on to say, "He tried contacting me for two days before his arrest and I ignored him. I'm just happy he's gone so he can leave me to be with my family and start this new chapter of my life."

Word. I think the only good thing Courtland Rogers did for Jenelle Evans was snap her out of the downward spiral she was in and make her realize she had to get her life on track. She's been doing better and better ever since she ditched his sorry hiney, and we're excited to see how she does once Kaiser arrives. Hopefully it will be a much different experience this time around.

Are you shocked that Courtland Rogers was jailed one day after his divorce with Jenelle Evans was finalized?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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