'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Finale: Will Tyrion Live or Die? (SPOILERS)

game of thrones season finale spoilers

This is it, folks. The season finale of Game of Thrones season 4 will be shown this Sunday. And that's it. No more Game of Thrones. After 10 wild, intense, violent, gripping episodes, we are going to have to wait the extremely long wait until 2015, when season 5 will kick off. Needless to say, seasons 3 and 4 of Game of Thrones were based off the strongest book (so far) of the series, A Storm of Swords, and were the most highly anticipated. So the fact that this is all coming to a close with episode 10, "The Children," is a huge gut-punch for the show's millions of loyal fans.

There is one major question on every fan's mind coming into the season finale: What is the fate of Tyrion Lannister? After the epic battle in "The Watchers on the Wall," we may finally see what happens to him.

Okay, there are MAJOR, MAJOR book spoilers ahead. I will spoil the crap out of the season finale for you. Come on, don't blame me, you can find this information anywhere. But this is your warning!


Take a deep breath, gather your willpower, and look away! This is mostly for those of you who know what is going to happen to Tyrion and will give you a chance to geek out about it.



Okay, so here goes.

Tyrion LIVES. You know that's all TV fans of the show want to know. And it sure has been fun toying with them. Kudos to them for avoiding the spoilers for so long. But Tyrion will make his final stand on season 4 in the most Game of Thrones-y way possible.

We are assuming we will see Jaime help his brother escape after watching the insane, violent end of "The Mountain and the Viper," sentencing Tyrion to death. Tyrion and Jaime have a huge falling out after Jaime reveals that Tyrion's first wife, Tysha, did truly love him and was not a prostitute like their father, Tywin, told him.

So Tyrion uses this information to find his father and extract his vengeance only to discover Shae, his favorite funny whore, in his father's bed. Tyrion proceeds to strangle her to death with his father's golden chain of office. He then finds his father, who is in the bathroom, and coldly shoots him through the bowels with a crossbow. What a way for Tywin, one of the most intimidating, powerful characters in the series, to go, huh? Then Tyrion flees King's Landing on a ship arranged by Varys.

Isn't that going to be amazing to watch? Let's hope it pans out just like this on TV. Because it will be so awesome to see Tywin finally get his by the son he has always scorned and hated.

Also, Jon Snow does live after meeting up with Mance Rayder, in case you were worried about his pretty face. An unlikely ally comes to his and the Night's Watch's aid: Stannis Baratheon! After rescuing them all, Stannis forces Jon to make a difficult decision, but who knows if that will happen at the finale.

Yet another thing we may or may not see in the finale: Will there be a glimpse of Lady Stoneheart?! Also known as Catelyn Stark coming back from the dead?!? It's very, very difficult to say, and it would most likely only last a few seconds -- but it would be AMAZING and WOW to see. What a way to end such an incredible season!

Told you there were spoilers!

What are you most looking forward to seeing in the season 4 finale?


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