Mackenzie Douthit Has Every Right to Make Her Husband Sleep on the Couch

Mackenzie DouthitJust when we thought everything was peachy-keen between Mackenzie Douthit and her hubs Josh McKee, the Teen Mom 3 star tweeted a message that all might not be well in paradise after all.

Not only that, but her most recent complaint about Josh may be adversely affecting her health! Keep in mind that Mackenzie is a Type 1 diabetic, in addition to being a busy mom of two little ones and a competitive cheerleader. And oh yeah, she's already prone to stress and insomnia.


Things seem to be all better between Mackenzie and Josh ever since that whole cheating/drug use scandal blew up the Teen Mom 3 reunion special with Dr. Drew.

Basically he got addicted to prescription pain killers, completely zoned out of the relationship, Kenzie broke off the engagement and went looking for comfort elsewhere, and then he had a "revenge" one-night stand with someone else.

Since then we know that he got himself unhooked from the pills, they walked down the aisle, and they even welcomed their second child together. Everything is awesome!

I know this tweet might seem innocuous -- a lot of wives complain about their husbands' snoring -- but Josh might be wise to spend a night on the couch every once in a while so Mackenzie can get some rest. Not only would she be happier and healthier without the sleep deprivation, I bet it would go a long way toward helping their relationship grow. After all, a woman who feels loved and cared for by her man is a woman in love.

After everything that's gone down between these two, losing that loving feeling doesn't seem like such a good idea.

Do you think Mackenzie should just get over Josh's snoring?


Image via Mackenzie Douthit/Instagram

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