Jenelle Evans Makes the Most Unexpected Sacrifice for Nathan Griffith

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

Now that she's officially (and finally) divorced from Courtland Rogers, Jenelle Evans is ready to move on with the rest of her life, which obviously includes marrying her baby daddy Nathan Griffith.

And even though Nathan hasn't put a ring on it quite yet, an engagement has to be happening in the very near future for these two. It's probably safe to assume that Nathan wanted Jenelle to be single before asking her to get hitched again, so a proposal could occur any day now.

But with a new husband and a new baby on the way, things are definitely going to change for Jenelle -- and you won't believe what she's willing to give up for the sake of the man she loves.


You guys? Jenelle is taking Nathan's last name, so at some point, we'll have to start referring to her as Jenelle Griffith.

Nathan is so excited about her ditching her maiden name, he even tweeted about it.

Aww. It's kinda cute that he's so jazzed about tying the knot.

And this is a really, really big step for Jenelle, especially given her relationship history. She must truly believe that she and Nathan are going to be together forever if she's willing to change her name, so they must be pretty rock solid.

But I have to admit, "Jenelle Griffith" is going to take some getting used to -- at least as far as her fans are concerned. Hopefully she won't take offense if most of us still refer to her as "Evans" for the first few months or so, you know -- like we do with some of the other Teen Mom stars' maiden names. It might not be correct, but it's a hell of a lot easier that way.

Are you surprised that Jenelle is taking Nathan's name?


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