The Raunchy Comment That May Get a 'Real Housewife' in Big Legal Trouble (VIDEO)

Wow. Just ... wow. I had to devote an entire episode to The Real Housewives of New York City, season 6, episode 14, because there's major behind-the-scenes backstory this week that lots of people around town are wagging about. Shall we dive in? This week we've got the many stages of drunk Sonja Morgan, what makes Aviva Drescher tick, and Kelly Bensimon's accidental return to Scary Island.


I also saw what I think are a lot of behind-the-scenes shenanigans this week, whether it was the facialist with loose lips, invitation-gate between LuAnn de Lesseps and Aviva, and what really happened.

The producers have finally figured out how to get under Aviva's skin, and in today's exclusive video below, I explain what they likely did to cause her over-the-top reaction at her art party.

Were you surprised to see Kelly Bensimon in last night's episode? In the video below, I detail exactly what she may have thought she was getting in to and how that all happened.

And finally ... let's not forget threesome-gate. Viewers have been blowing up Twitter that they never want to see Aviva's father George ever again, and I have to say I agree. But you MUST tell me what you think of the juicy tidbits below. Coincidentally, I was out last night and wound up in a corner with a lawyer. As one does. Turns out ... he reps Miss USA. Watch below for ALL the tea he served up last night, which backed up what I knew so far.

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Do you think Aviva will actually be sued over what she said?


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