Jessa Duggar Triggers Backlash With Controversial Picture (LOOK)

Jessa DuggarWho doesn't love themselves some Duggars from time to time? Agree with their lifestyle or not, there's just something so honest and real and wholesome and sweet about them. We've fallen in love with this family over eight seasons of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, and as the older kids have grown up, it's been neat to see them continue to be perfect little darlings who never do anything controversial -- oh wait.

The Duggars themselves are already controversial basically just by virtue of existing. They have 19 children. By choice. And they have, like, traditional values and stuff. And don't kiss until they're married. And they don't date, they "court."

Call it what you want, but Jessa Duggar recently went on a (chaperoned) date with her boyfriend Ben Seewald, where the two participated in some questionable activities -- and boy oh boy did they hear about it when Ben posted pics of Jessa to his Facebook wall.


The couple appear to be in a gun shop, and Jessa is looking like a super bad ass chick, glaring into the camera whilst holding a very large semi-automatic rifle. Seewald, who is currently in a courtship with Jessa, posted the photo with the caption: "My AWESOME girlfriend, #DontmesswithJessa."

Jessa Duggar

Don't mess with Jess, indeed! Of course, the Internet commenters went a little bit nutso, because zomg (!!) zee girl has a gun! Zee Christian girl has a serious firearm, and her Jesus-freak boyfriend thinks it's awesome!

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One person even commented, "Wow, would Jesus carry that weapon?" to which my only response is no, because Jesus would've stopped the bullets like Neo in The Matrix if someone had tried to kill him before his time. But we can't all be The One, can we?

Anyway, the backlash is pretty predictable, but I have to say it's kind of nice to see Jessa Duggar looking like a kick-butt female. So many naysayers of the family's lifestyle think their women are subjugated, but like Ben said ... don't mess with Jessa.

Do you think it's inappropriate for a young lady to handle such a large weapon?


Images via Ben Sewell/Facebook

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