'RHOC's Heather Dubrow Gets Stabbed in the Back By EVERYONE (VIDEO)

It would be more honest to just strangle her on camera. The vilification of Heather Dubrow at the hands of Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, and their producers continued last night on The Real Housewives of Orange County, and I found some of the accusations laughable. Don't worry; I'll explain in today's exclusive video. Also, the Ladies of London rated very well last week, and they are BACK, in ballgowns, no less. Let's dissect it all, shall we?


I'm beginning to think the Orange County ladies would have a problem with Heather breathing at the moment. Heather can't do one single thing right. She can't offer her castmate a free commercial, she can't make amends with Shannon, she can't even be a mother correctly! Did you know that she's the anti-Christ? I wonder whether Bravo is upset that hubby Terry Dubrow is doing his own show on E! with Paul Nassif -- do you think that if Adrienne Maloof were still on Beverly Hills, she would also be punished for Paul leaving the fold? Regardless, I go behind-the-scenes of not only the Housewives, but also news shows and how they work.

Next, we pop over to London to check on its Ladies. This week, it's all about the further introduction of the women, a PR move worthy of Scandal's Olivia Pope (if she were real), and a big party with beautiful gowns. I go behind the scenes to discuss how one gets invited to such events, the different rules for Joe and Jane Public versus celebrities, and how Noelle Reno may have found herself in such a situation. Click below to enjoy today's exclusive episode and don't forget to comment and question!

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How do you think Heather should handle this obvious betrayal?


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