Teresa Giudice's Tell-All Book Is a Mistake the World Can't Wait to Read

Teresa Giudice Oh boy. You'd think at this point, Teresa Giudice would know when to call it quits. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has been in hot water for a long time now, thanks to the legal woes of which she and hubby Joe Giudice have been on the receiving end. By July their fate will be determined once and for all, and any jail-time will be doled out. But Teresa's already making plans for the future -- and they include her next book.

This one is going to contain a lot more than pasta recipes. Teresa's rumored to be penning an epic tell-all book about the family's troubles and everything that brought them to where they are today. I'm sure T's passing this off as just simply trying to provide for her family, but surely the cost such a book would have on her family outweighs any sort of fiduciary payback, am I right? 


Teresa's been keeping a relatively low-profile these days even though her show is set to kick off next month. Has she been hiding out until her future is secured or just furiously writing down pages of this book? I hope it's the first and not the latter. Seriously, though.

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Teresa should be focusing on moving past this terrible chapter in the life of her family, not figuring out how best she can profit from it. If you truly want to put the past behind you, why on earth would you write an actual book about it? That book isn't going to go anywhere -- her kids could easily read things in it she and Joe and aren't prepared to tell them. While of course fans like you and me would be eager to hear her take on things, that doesn't make her plan a good one.

Do you think Teresa should speak up or stay silent?


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