'I Wanna Marry 'Harry'' Recap: Prince William Helps Fool the Girls

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So far this season on I Wanna Marry 'Harry,' the ladies have already started fighting over Sir. But as it turns out, the competitiveness over the fake prince can only get worse.

As the winner of last week's Crown Suite, Karina gets to spend some special time with Matt "Prince Harry" Hicks. While having breakfast together, he leaves the room and she notices the carefully planted ruse: a photoshopped picture of Sir and Prince William. The resemblance was uncanny and she totally buys it.


Later, when she returns and tells the girls what she's seen, they're all even more convinced that they're courting a real royal. So when it comes time for another date, they're all clamoring to be the one he chooses. With Chelsea and Maggie receiving a two-on-one date with the prince, the rest of the ladies are left to muck the stables. 

"Mucking," for all us non-Brits, is essentially cleaning up horse manure from the barn. What a blast.

So while most of the ladies are literally cleaning up crap, Chelsea and Maggie start the passive-aggressive jabs on their exclusive date. The waiter brings out beer, Maggie gets excited about the alcohol, and Chelsea immediately comments on her love for booze. Frankly, it's been no secret. But Maggie is none too happy that she's been outed in front of the prince and later confronts Chelsea once they're back in the house.

Though the fight is quickly stirring, Karina gets to take a break from the ladies and has an official date with Sir. Together, they fly over London and take a boat tour on the river where they share their first kiss. Awwww.

Meanwhile, at the house, Chelsea is misunderstood and irritated with the gang of "mean girls." She refuses to interact with the ladies and skips dinner. During the meal, Kingsley requests that Karina once again join the prince in his suite (can anyone guess who his favorite is now?). While she joins him for a full-on make-out sesh, the rest of the ladies down the shots. Naturally.

The next morning, Chelsea has still not returned and she instead requests a one-on-one with Sir. When they're together, she lets him know that she'll be leaving the competition. He lets her go easily and goes to a party with the ladies. No time lost there.

Kelley embarrassingly tries so hard to get the prince's attention during the bash. Between competitively playing badminton and desperately showing him that she's the athletic one, he's taking notice. But he also has some other problems to deal with. Anna Lisa seems to be on his trail.

Multiple times, she's remarked that he's not Harry and he's more aware that she's not falling for the charade. It's a crack in the armour, people! Through the drama, Meghan and Matt "eye hump," as she so delicately puts it. There's some footsie action in the hot tub and lustful gazes across the steam. "He's telling me I'm his favorite girl," she says.

But maybe it's not the case. Matt chooses to send home Anna Lisa (who was well on her way to exposing him), and awards Kelley with the Crown Suite key.

Have fun with that one, dude. Get ready for some tears.

Are you surprised that he gave the key to Kelley?


Image via Chris Raphael/FOX

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