Leah Calvert's Dramatic New Hairstyle Is a Stunning Change (PHOTO)

Leah CalvertFor years, we've watched Leah Calvert experiment with her look. She's never been shy to try funky makeup styles or rock multiple hair colors at once -- heck, remember that time she got purple hair extensions?

Still, one thing has remained the same on this Teen Mom 2 star all the way from when she was Leah Messer to when she was Leah Simms and then on to Leah Calvert -- her signature long locks. Sure, they may have been multi-colored, straight, or curled, but they've always been long and luxurious and way past her shoulders.

No more, my friends! Leah posted a photo to her Facebook wall over the weekend, sporting a freshly shorn nape of her neck! She aptly captioned it, "My new hair cut. First time ever with short hair."


Leah Calvert

Oh my gosh, she looks so different, and it's only a side/back view! It's a good kind of different though, don't you think? I love the color and the angle of the cut -- it keeps the above-the-shoulder length from looking too "mommish," if you know what I mean.

As for what made her decide to try the switch-up? I'm going to guess it has something to do with the cosmetology classes she recently enrolled in. Besides, it's just hair, and she can always grow it back.

What do you think of Leah's new hair?


Images via Leah Calvert/Instagram

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