Jenelle Evans' Outrageous Bikini Pictures Will Leave You Speechless

Jenelle Evans and Jace

Holy moly, you guys -- Jenelle Evans seriously looks like she's about ready to pop any day now. I mean, supposedly she still has a good 20 days to go until Kaiser's due date, but after seeing a couple of new bikini baby bump photos she shared over the weekend? Um ... I honestly don't think she could possibly get any more pregnant.

And I gotta hand it to her, she really has a level of confidence that most women in their last trimesters lack, especially considering just how much of her bod these new bathing suit shots show off.

Get ready, people -- these could very well be the last preggo pics of Jenelle we have the pleasure of seeing.


Jenelle Evans & Jace

Jenelle Evans & Jace

Damn! Could those bottoms be any tinier?!? And could her bump be any more "out there"?!?

But even though this swimsuit is revealing, to say the least, it's impossible to ignore the fact that despite being seriously pregnant, Jenelle's body does look amazing. She doesn't appear to have put on weight anywhere other than her middle, so she should be back to her pre-baby size fairly quickly after Kaiser makes his entrance.

Although, for at least the first couple of months, she can probably kiss chilling out at the pool and having a good time on weekends goodbye. Newborns and the hot North Carolina sun aren't exactly a winning combination.

Would you wear a bikini during your last few weeks of pregnancy?


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